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My name is Maria, my sister Graciela was the inspiration behind Gracie’s Soaps, she was my best friend and we had a very close relationship.  As she used to say, I was like her second mom and confidant.  We moved from Peru to Canada with our families in 2007 and we established ourselves first in Vancouver, and since 2012 we have been living in Calgary. 

Graciela was a loving daughter to our parents, a fabulous mother, a loyal sister, and a great friend.  She always put her daughters and our family first.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2016 Graciela was one of my companions, along with great family members and friends during my chemotherapy sessions. She used to come to my house, doing things like keeping my spirit up or warming up my lunch which the effects of the drugs from the chemo made it hard to do. Graciela was  the most compassionate, and caring person I ever met.  She was my cheerleader when I was down, and I was her rock when she needed me.

Graciela passed away in February 2018 at the early age of 37 years old, leaving behind two beautiful daughters, Sophia and Andrea, whom my parents, siblings, family and I hope to see again someday.


I decided to create Gracie’s Soaps in February 2020 with both my lovely

husband Rudolf and my amazing daughter Alessandra's support to honor

my sister's memory. We also saw it as a way to promote a healthy living,

free of dangerous chemicals for me, my family and friends, by combining

craftsmanship, premium ingredients, and creativity into our soaps. 



Always in our hearts

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